“I only use available light, and by that I mean any … light that’s available”

W.Eugene Smith


As a photographer I want to create images that are powerful and move you.
Light is the most important tool that I have as a photographer.
With light I can create a mood, set a scene, emphasize my subject, direct the attention of the viewer.

Thats why I love to create light, my light, so I can create the atmosphere that I want.
Photographs are like little droplets of frozen time, they can be studied and viewed over and over again.
So I make sure that everything is perfectly placed and lit.

I create images that tell a story to the viewer.
And my absolute passion is to tell the story of my clients, to show the world what beautiful work they create.
I want to understand my clients, understand their business and what story they want to tell.
This is why I have a close working relationship with all my clients, because the better I understand my clients,the
more I know their vision, the more I can integrate that into the photographs.

With an office in Holland and in Dubai I am able to provide the best for my clients.

Please call us and meet with us, we would love to provide you with the best photography possible!




Martijn van Dam, Photographer.